Get Involved


Be kind and humble to everything and everyone. No one is better or worse than anyone else, but not everyone deserves a trophy either. Judgement is an innate characteristic that we all possess. It may also weigh heavily on those it is passed upon. Do not force religion or beliefs upon anyone. Everyone has a will and the power to choose their own path. Ignorance is not an excuse to look down your nose on someone. The only reason ignorance should be excused is for education and the power to educate yourself. If something or someone is different and you don't understand it, educate yourself before you pass judgement.

Many of us are blind, but...

it's never too late to see. You can teach an old dog new tricks; We can make a difference in the world; We can create peace; Through understanding, with technology and guidance. War, refuge, homelessness, death, genocide, hunger, pollution - all stem from one common principle, knowledge. They think they know what's right. You think your way of doing things, the only way you've ever known, is the right way; the only way. We think we have to fight for what we believe. The truth of the matter is, we have to work for it, and that includes picking up a book, or putting time into research to understand everyone's point of view. See things from every angle possible before you ever take an action. This won't always be easy. This won't always be fast. With time, it will become the only way you know to do anything. This will quickly become the best habit you've ever had and it will become second nature.


...and most importantly - Live. Yes, live. We have but one delicate life and we all deserve it. No, don't quit your job and travel the world. Simply find a happy moderation with everything. Don't become consumed by your work. Don't live above your means. Keep saving money, but maybe re-evaluate what you're saving for. Maybe take $40-50 out of what you're saving each month and make your own "Go Fund Me" with it. Do something fun each year or a couple times a year that allows you to break-away from your typical daily monotony. Set time aside every week to go to the park and unwind. Enjoy the fresh air. Take in the beauty of the work put into this world instead of taking it for granted. Get lost and enjoy it. Climb a tree. Be a kid again, no one ever told you to stop.  Do it more if you want, but do it. Balance plays a huge factor in our overall spiritual health and well-being. Enjoy life again. I can't stress this enough. Live for today; Love like there's no tomorrow; Smile often and laugh lots - Our future is uncertain and our past is behind us. Live for the moment